About us

Ethically Made in Australia
and overseas Mae & Pearl is manufactured ethically in Australia and with fair treatment and pay for sewers, cutters and graders.
Each step of the manufacturing and design process happens right here in Sydney and we are so very proud we continue to make the right choices
by choosing to have a quality made and luxurious product to offer our customers.
We produce small made to order runs here in Sydney working with some very talented people that come with many many years of experience and knowledge in our very fragile industry. We are also proud that all small conrtibution to recycling, reusing and up cycling is part of the way design product and reinvent styles.
Every year, around eighty billion garments are produced worldwide, and they leave an enormous environmental footprint.
Fashion Revoloution and Ethical Clothing Australia are just some of the exciting projects happening supporting this awareness and understanding.
We constantly strive to understand and be more aware in our production process. We all have a choice how we consume fashion and who we chose to support. 
Thank you for choosing our brand, supporting and visiting us.

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